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Best Digital Logbook Software!

I've tried a few different free and commercial logbook software programs over the years, but finally settled on Paralog. It's relatively easy to use, fast and can download data from most datalogger altimeters. I use it with my FlySight, N3 and N3A to either download data (mainly my FlySight, but once in a while from my N3A) or to update the settings/time (N3 and N3A). Software will download data from one datalogger by default. Additional datalogger license can be purchased.

The program allows complete control over the data, including the ability to edit incorrect data (e.g. forgot to turn on FlySight soon enough to get a fix on my altitude), as well as enter and/or view all the normal information you might want to capture (DZ, equip, type of jump, distance from desired landing spot, team size, malfunctions, jump altitude, opening altitude, GPS track (software opens up Google Earth to view track), electronic signatures (including signing of multiple jumps with a single signature). With the FlySight, the DZ gets filled in automatically due to GPS location. The software also allows you to export your jumps to Jumplog.net (additional yearly fee) so that you have your log book online for others to view (very helpuful when going to a new DZ that wants to see your log book that you probably don't have any more because you're using a digital datalogging altimeter.)

The author of the software is very responsive to feature requests, new license activation, functionality questions and bug reports. However, the new license activation is not automated, so you may have to wait a day or two for him to get back with you.

Review By Zen Monkey

Thank you again for all of you excellent support. V.S.

And I must say that Klaus' responsiveness and service is excellent! B-)
+1 !!!!
Wingsuit Forum on DZ.com

I’d just like to say thank you for your help, your response to all my questions has been very quick and efficient.
Great service. A.S.

Awesome, thanks for getting back to me on the weekend! J.C.

Thanks for the great product! D.V.

Keep up the good work :) G.W.

Thank you for the great work. I am a speed skydiver aand I think you are doing a great job for our sport! T.D.

Thank you for your help - on a Sunday! That's what I call support! M.R.

Thanks for your rapid replies!
I wish the customer support for the other half of my system (xxx) was even half as reliable! J.K.

Thank you, for a great product and your time especially at the weekend.
Thank you again for the great support. J.L.

Thanks for sorting this out so quickly and for making such an awesome product. :) A.W.

Wow, thank You so much, that was totally unexpected. Super Service from you, but this time above and beyond for sure, Thank You again.
Regards from a very Happy F.K.

You're a monster! Thankx a lot.... I'am downloading my jumps while writing this email. C.V.

Thank you so much! This worked great. Appreciate all your help! Y.U.

Many thanks for solving this so quickly, excellent! B.P.

I want to say that I really appreciate your customer service and support. Every time I've ever e-mailed you with an issue you are very prompt at replying and very helpful. I really appreciate this level of customer service and want to say thank you very much! B.N.

Great user friendly product you offer and great customer service to top that off. I’ll be sure to pass on my experience to other skydivers. C.W.

Thanks for a great service! V.S.

Thanks heaps for all your work, Paralog is an awesome product. A.W.

Once again thanks for your excellent support and quick feedback. M.R.

Loving the product already. A.M.

Excellent! As usual! Thank you Paralog! R.V. on Facebook

Thank You for your continued support! G.N. on Facebook

Thank you for the useful information! Helpful as usual! R.V.

Thanks again for your help and quick response. I've been using Paralog for years and it is a great program! A.K.

Thank you for your efforts with the Paralog software! A.D.

Thank you again for you help and patience. You are awesome! J.L.

Appreciate your help. Paralog is an excellent product! D.M.D.

Just wanted to let you know how well the Paralog program is working for me! J.V.

And for the record - I love the software! So glad you're making this thing. K.C.

Thanks for all your help and extremely fast responses! R.H.

Worked like a charm! Thanks again for taking care of that so quickly! J.R.

Thank you for the support! E.A.

You were spot on, thanks, loving the product already. A.M.

Coming from someone who's written some GPS tracking software in the past, I'm thoroughly impressed with Paralog. Awesome! S.F.

I’ve done the whole package: Paralog, Jumplog Power User and Paralog Mobile. Looks good! A.R.

Thank you, love this product! W.A.

I know it is not your product to support. If it were, I would gladly pay you to do so. It is, however, my catalyst to continue to pay you and refer others to your product. M.G.

Many thanks for the quick reply!!! D.A.

I love the software!! And again, I very much appreciate your time and responsiveness. M.L.

Thanks for the help and fast feedback you assisted with to help me. It was much appreciated! W.G.

You did it man!!! You have been great mate, and I will try to promote your products in the UK and worldwide for you to return the favour! J.L.

Thank you very much for providing a great service!! T.S.

You are awesome! Thank you! D.V.

It took only one phonecall and one email to get a Paralog was operating again to full satisfaction, so I would like to thank Klaus for his very swift support and solution to our problem. H.S.

I really like Paralog – well organized, easy to use, and I love the mobile sync option. D.B.

Wow! Unbelievable support! License bought and paid for! B.V.

Thanks for your very fast response! A.L.

Thanks for creating awesome software for skydivers! K.D.

>> I would also like to thank you for excellent software.
   It is in many way much better and technically advanced than any other.
> Which others?
The only other which I have been dealing with is Altitrack Jumptrack 3. But it's not even from the same planet =) H.H.

Very easy and intuitive. D.M.C.

Thank you for enabling my laziness :). Great product! K.T.

Workes great! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. P.H.

Thanks for all the help and a very quick reply! A+ costumer service, just as when I had problem uploading from my Recon-HUD a few months ago =) R.L.

I have been using the software for two years now and I have been really happy about it, it was one of the first pieces of software to go into my new laptop. So thank you for a great product. J.A.

Thank you very much for all your help so far! You are a star! J.L.

Thanks a lot for the great support! S.G.R.


Many thanks for the fast service and a wonderful piece of software! P.V.

You guys rock! L.M.

Thanks a lot for your fast response and help. J.F.

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all of your help and patience. [..] I am looking forward to using the software. L.W.

The Google Earth coupling is fantastic. Y.W.

Thank you very much! Excellent support again :-) B.B.

Thank you again for such fast and responsive technical support, it is much appreciated and says a lot about you and your company. L.W.

Good job with Paralog, it's a good logging tool. L.R.

Last week I purchased my first copy of Paralog. I love it and wish I had purchased a copy when I first started skydiving! It would be really great to have all of my jumps logged this way. But, at least I can start now. D.S.

Paralog, Neptune II , Mac and Mr Klaus Rheinwald….I want to say thanks for the service…. I was upgrading my Macbook Software and iPhone software when the new iPhone 4s came out and upgraded my Paralog to work with my smartphone… I had some issues because all the software came out at one time…. Mr Rheinwald worked with me till 2am his time and got it working. He also sent me my money back on the upgrade since I already had a license…. Very few honest folks…. Again Thanks…. Paralog works great with the Mac and iPhone logger… T.M.

Thank you for such a quick answer. It is always nice to do business with you. G.B.

Super impressed with your customer service again! I can't recommend you (and Paralog) highly enough to my jumping buddies! A.M.

Your service level is impressive! R.H.

Just want to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU! Paralog + FlySight is amazing! So very thankful you're around to make such great software. Keep up the good work. Cheers! D.D.

I gotta say this program is absolutely amazing and is well worth the money! Thanks for helping and being so quick with responses (and patient) D.K.

This is quality stuff!!! M.J.

I am very happy with it and will enjoy using it. Thanks for your help and assistance! T.F.

Thanks for your prompt and effective support. Paralog is a great tool. P.R.

Thanks for the help and the support/advice that goes beyond what you have to do for your product. M.M.

Excellent customer service!!! Excellent software. A day-and-night difference to what I used to work with before! A.S.

Thanks for your excellent customer service! C.K.

I am very impressed with your fast response and effective customer service - this certainly justifies the cost of the software. R.E.

Coming from someone who's written some GPS tracking software in the past, I'm thoroughly impressed with Paralog. Awesome! S.F.

I’m very impressed, and will certainly use this to review my own jumps. Having written commercial software myself, I can appreciate the difficulty of designing such a package. My hat’s off to you for the excellent job you’ve done. M.C.

As always, your response time is superb. Much respect. R.C.

Nice bit of software you have here, very much looking forward to all the future updates! C.M.

You have been one of the most helpful developer of software I have encountered. I really do appreciate your help. M.M.

Thank you so much for the great software! D.W.

Thanks for the great support and thanks for building such a great product. You must hear this a lot but you’re doing the skydiving community a great service! J.S.

Thank you, you are doing a wonderful job there! A.L.

Once again many thanks for your prompt reply and awesome customer service!! E.G.

I'll surely recommend Paralog to other wingsuiters in Brazil that are interested in GPS logging. G.B.

This fixed the problem in couple of minutes with no surprises or questions. As always, Thanks for the great support. Wish you worked for Microsoft or Lenovo, but they would probably ruin your attitude. L.S.

This is a pretty handy program. Good work! B.P.

Thanks a lot, Paralog is an awesome program! S.J.

Thanks for your awesome customer support! R.H.

Perhaps you could start giving courses [on customer service] - seriously I just wanted you to know how much it means when someone takes the trouble to help. M.H., Australian National 8 Way-Team

Talk about incredible service... D.S.E.

It's superb dude! D.R.

Thanks for the continued excellent support. It spoils me for all other. L.S.

Your application and its rendition of visual data is awesome! R.M.

It's always fun to receive an answer as fast as yours ! V.T.

If you're ever in the states, drop by Z-Hills for a jump and a beer or two. S.B.

Paralog is a great product... Keep up the good work! V.J.

I've had a bit to play with my [Wintec] 201 and based on that experience, I can not endorse Klaus' Paralog software enough. It is the shit. Using the [Wintec] 201 with it was effortless. B.B.

A top-notch application that is enhanced and updated continually. I can recommend it without any restriction for anyone who wishes to log and analyse his jumps, with or without logging device. The customer service ist first rate and exceptionally fast. M. K.

Just keep the extra for the trouble and such a great product. Consider it a tip for good service. J.M., after being offered a refund when accidently ordering two upgrades.

Thanks for all of the support and help, the Google Earth feature is amazing! W. D.

Klaus has done wonders with the Paralog program and it is real user friendly if I can use it. J.G.

Thank you so much. You've got a customer for life. T.L.

OUTSTANDING application.....definitely worth the money! R. M.

It´s a really great software which is constantly developing and updating with various additional features. D. T.

It was very easy to install and run the program. Neptune and Paralog are a great team. I am very impressed with both of them. Thanks! P. L.

You've got a good product and I plan on putting a good word out to all I come across with your software. Again, thank you... B. W.

Cool Program! K.M.

Thanks for developing something that isn't just for windows users. R. F.

It works just as simply with the GPS as with the Neptune. It gives you all the information with the click of a button, plus it serves as a log book and keeps track of all your jumps, including video if you are that ambitious. Klaus has always been quick to respond and very helpful whenever I have had a question. You get your moneys worth. J. G.

Still well impressed! Will do what I can to encourage others to purchase it too. D. R.

I currently have a XXX with the YYY software. I am wondering if there is a way to convert the 700+ jumps I have in YYY to Paralog as I feel Paralog is a far superior product to YYY. T. E.

Top Stuff. T. L.

Thanks for all the help. Next time I am in your neck of the woods, I'll buy you a beer. J. B.

I would recommend the Paralog program to anyone who wants to log their jumps with a computer. T. F.

Paralog kicks ass! N. K.

Awesome! Well impressed with the improvements. Thanks once again and keep up the good work!! D. R.

Thank you very much for all your help. It works like a charm. Downloaded all my jumps from the Protrack flawlessly. In the mean time, what kind of beer do your like? J.-P. F.

Very nice! S. B.

I'm very impressed with your program. Its easy to use and comprehensive. G. R.

Thank you so much for all your help. I am registering and purchasing Paralog today and will tell all my friends at the DZ how helpful you have been. E. L.

I'm the cameraflyer at XXX and if you have a Paralog sticker or patch I'll gladly put it on my camerasuit/rig for your promotion. I'll be recommending your software to all my Mac friends. J.-P. F.

Thanks for an outstanding product. R. H.

Thank you very much for all your help. I will spread the word on how helpful you have been! N. C.

I love your program. S. F.

Thanks for your constant updates, and great work. I am impressed with how well you keep your customers abreast of what is going on. E. A.

Thanks again for the fast replies! J. M.

Thanks again for all the support! And the GREAT software! I am loving this program more and more! Skydiving now has fun parts after the jump!!! AWESOME program. R. H.

Thank you very much for taking the time for this email! And thank you for the fine product you have published! P. D.

Love the product. R. H.

The system with my data is now starting to look really good, very impressive to use and fill with all my data. D. A.

Thanks for your support. Paralog is an awesome product. Keep up the good work! M. P.

Great piece of software you've got here. C. D.

I have gotten allot of feedback from jumpers at my DZ and other DZ's in Sweden about my web logbook. In short EVERYBODY WANTS ONE. I will promote your software in Sweden and Norway for you. B. B.

Thanks for a great program. D. F.

I do appreciate your efforts! J. M.

I think that Paralog is a fantastic piece of software. S. W.

Thanks again for your patience and help! L. Y.

Nice work. J. B.

Very nice!!! R. H.

That looks great! S. E.

Thanks for your work! J. M.

I really like the program. G. R.

Thanks for the help!! J. B.

I do appreciate your quick response. Thanks for everything. B. J.

Many thanks again for your fantastic support. D. A.

Thanks again for your unparalleled support. Z. S.

Another brilliant idea, it works well! D. A.

First of all, MANY MANY THANKS for making our event a huge success. I could tell you we had a blast! Y. P.

Thanks again for the quick response, your Tech support is great. J. F.

I’ve just downloaded your Paralog. Looks good. How can I register it. A. R.

Thank you again for helping sort this out. T. C.

You've been very helpful and patient, and I really appreciate it. L. C.

I am very pleased with Paralog. S. W.

I have played a little with the program since you sent the new license, and it is very cool. T. F.

Keep up the good work! A. T.

Thanks for your very good service and your fast answer. G. N.

Thanks for the prompt help. A. R.

Yep, I'm impressed ;-) A. M.

Danke fuer deine schnelle Antwort. J. M.

Thanks for the really quick response. M. J.

Keep up the good work, great product. L. A.

Very very very good service. G. N.

This his what I call "fast". A. K.

Thanks for the quick response! I. H.

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