Paralog Web Access

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Although skydivers hate clouds, you have been bugging us to move Paralog there. We listened and released a cloud-based version of Paralog!

Jumps can be synchronized between Paralog, Paralog Mobile and the cloud-based service. An interactive web interface is available for desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers to add, display, edit and sign jumps and to display 2D- and 3D-Charts of your jumps.

Please take a tour of the demo account.

'Paralog Mobile' for Android and iOS

Access your jump log any time from any place the new Paralog Mobile client for Android and iOS.

Main Features

  • Log Summary
  • Jump Log Overview
  • Jump Details
  • Sign Jumps*
  • Profile Chart
  • Lists of Dropzones, Jump Types and Equipments
  • Settings
  • Wingload Calculator
  • *Paralog is approved as an electronic logbook by the German (DFV) and Danish (DFU) Parachute Associations.


  • Smartphone running Android or iOS
  • Account and logbook on

The app is now available for iOS and Android from Stephan Beutel.

'Sykdiving Logbook' for Smartphones (Android & iPhone)

Skydiving Logbook Paralog now integrates with ´Skydiving Logbook´, an App by Tom Cain for Android & iPhone. Jump logs can easily be transferred between the desktop and the smartphone using Dropbox. Detailed instructions can be found here.

'Paralog Companion' for Windows Mobile

Paralog Companion

All your jumps in your pocket with Paralog Companion. Easy to use, fast, and all your data at hand.

Paralog Companion allows you to use the extraordinary features for analyzing your jumps with Paralog Desktop while using the same data on your Pocket PC.

Simply save your jump log into a synchronized folder of your Pocket PC. As Paralog Desktop and Paralog Companion are using the same file format, you can open this file from either your Pocket PC or your Desktop PC or Notebook. Just keep in mind that after making changes on one device you always have to synchronize first before you make any changes on the other device.

Main Features

  • Easily log, review and analyze your jumps
  • Digitally sign your jumps to comply with the USPA SIM, Section 3.1*
  • Manage your rigs, licenses and other personal information
  • Exchange your jump logs seamlessly with Paralog Desktop 5.x
  • *Paralog is approved as an electronic logbook by the German (DFV) and Danish (DFU) Parachute Associations.

Paralog Companion for Windows Mobile can be purchased seperately from mjnSoft.