Should you encounter any problems, please Read The Fine Manual first: e.g. the installation instructions and the online help.

If your problem is related to downloading data from your freefall logger, read the documentation for your logger first (Neptune/N3(A)/Atlas, ProTrack, AltiTrack, FlySight) and refer to the online troubleshooting tips of the manufacturer (Neptune/N3(A)/Atlas, ProTrack, AltiTrack, FlySight). Make sure communications is set up properly as described by the manufacturer (Neptune/N3(A)/Atlas, ProTrack, AltiTrack, FlySight) bearing in mind that not every device is compatible with every computer (details available here).

Select the virtual COM-Port provided by the adapter/driver as the 'Source' for downloading from the device in Paralog

On some machines, assigning a COM port of 10 or greater to your USB-IR/Serial adapter prevents proper downloads. In this case, change the COM port assigned to your adapter to a port below 10.

On Linux you need to manually enter the port used (usually /dev/ttyS0 for serial connections, /dev/ttyUSB0 for USB connections). Make sure you have the proper rights to access the port; usually you need to be a memebr of the 'dialout' group.

Answers to other frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ.

If the above hints did not solve your problem, please follow these steps to report a problem:

  • Restart Paralog!
  • Set the Logging Level to 'ALL' on the System tab in the Preferences menu.
  • Recreate the problem you encountered.
  • Set the Logging Level to 'OFF' on the System tab in the Preferences menu, otherwise the program might behave sluggish due to all the logging information being written, especially during reading and writing the jump log!
  • Exit Paralog.
  • If you encountered problems while importing/exporting files, include those files as well.
  • Describe what you did, what you expected to happen and what happened instead - as exactly and detailed as possible. List any error messages and provide screenshots.
  • Include the application log file 'Paralog0.log' and your jump log database file (.pmz) you are using from Paralog's data directory (by default the directory 'Paralog' in your user folder) as well as supporting system information, error messages and screenshots in your report. To attach multiple files, please zip them up into a single Zip file.
  • Please use this form to send us your support request and supporting documentation* or email them to [email protected].