Click the 'Preferences' toolbar button () or select 'Preferences' from the 'Tools' menu to change Paralog's settings.


  • Units: Use metric or imperial units.
  • Display Speed as: Use km/h (mph) or m/s (ft/s) for speeds and m (ft) or km (mi) for distances.
  • Display Glide as: Use Glide Ratio or Pitch for the glide angle.
  • Custom Fallrate: Sets the custom fallrate for automatic calculation.
  • Previous Freefall Time/Cutaways: These values are added to the totals in your logbook to calculate absolute totals.
Preferences Dialog - Jump Log
Preferences Dialog - Logbook


  • Rig Alarm: Show upcoming gear inspections/repacks on startup.
  • Days prior to due date: How many days in advance should the warning be displayed.
  • Days between inspections: How many days an inspection/repack is valid.
  • Membership Alarm: Show upcoming expiration of your membership/license.
  • Days prior to due date: How many days in advance should the warning be displayed.
  • Note: It remains your responisibilty to track your reserve, license and insurance validity!

Preferences Dialog - Alarms
Preferences Dialog - Alarms


  • Backup Database: Backup the logbook when saving changes by appending a numerical extension to the last version of the logbook (e.g. PL-JumpLogDB.pmz -> PL-JumpLogDB.pmz.1400074151850). It is recommend to keep this option selected.
  • Logging Level: Paralog can log internal status information to a log file. It is recommend to set this option to 'Off' unless told otherwise by our support.
  • Image Size/Qulaity: When you add an image to a jump, the image is resized and copied to the logbook. This settings determine the size and quality.
  • Table Font: Font used for the jump table.
  • Dropbox directory: If Paralog can not determine the directory automatically, you can set it manually here.
  • Expert Mode: When checked, most beginner tips will be suppressed and advanced customization dialogs will be enabled.
  • Show Tips on Startup: When checked, Paralog will dispaly helpful tips on startup.
Preferences Dialog - System
Preferences Dialog - System