Main Screen

Paralog's main screen is divided into seven sections:

  1. The menu bar, where you can access all functions of Paralog.
  2. The tool bar which gives you quick access to Paralog's most frequently used functions.
  3. The jump list view, which lists all your jumps in a tabular layout and allows you to select one or multiple jumps.
  4. The jump details view, which shows the details of the jump currently selected and where you can edit the currently selected jump(s).
  5. The jump tree view, which lists all your jumps in a tree layout and allows you to browse and select jumps on its data.
  6. The jump profile chart preview, which shows a thumbnail preview of the jump profile chart of the jump currently selected.
  7. The tool bar which shows information on currently running operations and new versions of Paralog.

Paralog Main Window
Paralog Main Screen