Template based Export

You can export your jump logbook or single jumps using template files. Template files are arbitrary text files with certain keywords embedded. Paralog parses these templates, replacing the keywords with the apropriate values from your logbook or to control the export process.

This template based apporach gives utmost flexibility to the export process, as the export formats supported by Paralog are not limited to what is hardcoded. New formats can easily be added by creating the proper template files.

Select 'Export/Template based..' from the 'File' menu to export your logbook or the jumps currently selected. A dialog with output options will pop up:

Export Dialog
Export Dialog

Export to Skydiving Logbook

Select 'Export/To Skydiving Logbook' from the 'File' menu to export your logbook exported to Skydiving Logbook Web. See this pageWeb for further details.

Note: Export to Skydiving Logbook requires DropboxWeb and Skdyving Logbook set up to synchronize through DropBox first.