Paralog - Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of mail and always want to answer your inquiries quickly. That's why our staff has created this FAQ page for the most commonly asked questions. Just click on any question to display the answer.


Please see the support page for details.
This page should explain it.
Sure. Please see here.
Please visit the Alti-2 forum for trouble shooting tips.
Please see this discussion for a fix.
Please visit the Alti-2 forum for trouble shooting tips.
Please visit the Alti-2 forum for trouble shooting tips.
If 'Duplicates' is set to 'Skip Existing' and the track was recorded before the last jump in the log: Set 'Duplicates' to 'Append All' and retry. If this is not the case or doesn't help: Please see the help file for 'Expert Mode' and for 'Skip Empty'.


Not directly, but the latest version of JumpTrack supports export of its log in a CSV format suitable for Paralog.
Either restore the database from your computer backups, or - if you enabled backups in the Preferences - strip the numerical extension from the latest database file in Paralog's data directory.
No, and there is no need to: GPS tracks have all the information any barometric logger has - and more. We suggest to load all your jumps from your barometric logger and if you have GPS tracks for a jump, 'Update' those jumps with the GPS track.
Select File/Open from the main menu. The name and location of your log will be set as the default entry.
After downloading from an unregistered device, Paralog will display the S/N found.
Did you read the fine manual?


The Paralog installer will only dowload and install the latest Java Runtime Environment if no suitable JRE can be found on your system. This installation will be local to Paralog. It will not available to other applications.
Yes, when every user has it's own account (login) on this machine.
Install Paralog on the new machine using the original installer. Register with the license key from the original registration email send to you. Copy your data directory to the new machine (File/Open on the main menu will show you the location). Use File/Open from the main menu to open your log file in the copied directory.
Our email probably got stuck in your SPAM filter.
The 'Download' link at the top of the page would be a good place to start looking.